OS Type: Network wide
Number of Users: 5-20, 20+
Ease of Setup: Advanced
Usage Type: Home , Business
Management Type: Central Management

 Cisco Umbrella

Approved For Network-wide Filtering



Download Installation Instructions Here

Cisco Umbrella in a DNS level filter that is great as security defense as well as a web filter.


  • One point of management for the whole network.
  •  Has the option to integrate with a domain
  •  Can enforce Google Safe Search
  •  Work well with software that require security such as auto diagnostic software.
  •  Very easy to install
  •  Blocks Ransomware, Malware, Phishing and C2 Callbacks


  • Price

Note: After testing, Cisco Umbrella has been approved as an acceptable content filter according to the requirements set forth in the Weaverland Conference Electronic Technology Usage Guidelines. Please remember that no filter can be guaranteed to filter out all objectionable content; therefore the Weatec Accountability Software must be installed on all devices in order to be in compliance with Weaverland Conference guidelines. The accountability software logs all web traffic, thus fostering brotherhood accountability. So even if objectionable content is missed by Cisco Umbrella, the content will still trigger a flag on the accountability server. Use the Weaverland Conference template as a minimum; there is nothing preventing you from choosing stricter settings.