Terms & Conditions

Having safe access to the internet is a privilege and we ask all users to use this privilege responsibly. A Weatec user agrees to behave in a mature, Christian manner when a situation involving the Weatec system or the Weatec administration arises. Negative reviews and problems within the system will be directed to the proper, responsible committees and if reasonable solutions cannot be reached, the matter will be addressed by the Weaverland Conference.

Ever Accountable is a third party accountability software provider, and is not affiliated with Weatec or Weaverland Conference. Any questions/problems with or involving Ever Accountable or the Weatec System must be addressed to the Weatec Administration. The cost for Ever Accountable is billed through Weatec and is included with Weatec the subscription cost as explained on page 2 of the registration form. Each Weatec user is responsible for any financial repercussions incurred through their misuse/abuse of either the Weatec or Ever Accountable systems.

The Weatec system is for use by members in good standing of Weaverland Conference and if membership is discontinued, the use of the Weatec system should be terminated within 30 days by contacting Ever Accountable and removing the link to Weatec. The user may keep the Ever Accountable program but Weatec will discontinue accountability monitoring.

Users should understand and agree that Weatec feels it is their responsibility to provide safe and accountable internet use. Extensive testing of the system by the user is potentially dangerous and is unnecessary. Testing will not be an acceptable justification for non-compliant activity. Ongoing non-compliant use will result in church level discipline. Please direct any concerns about loopholes, etc., to your local WMRC contact. We ask all users to immediately report any system failures.


Weatec Users Responsibilities

  • Each user is required to read their employer’s Electronic Technology Usage Policy Manual.
  • Users are to comply with the guidelines set forth in the Weatec guidelines booklet.
  • Each user is ultimately accountable for how his device is used.
  • Each user is required to see that young teenagers and children do not have access to the internet on his device. In situations where this is difficult to manage, parental controls and user passwords are recommended.
  • All users are encouraged to attend the annual Weatec Technology Training Meetings.
  • Each user is to report to their organization’s contact person any inappropriate content that is not being filtered out by the organization’s filtering system.
  • User must understand that the church is providing this accountability as a guiderail or safety net, and that the user is the one ultimately accountable for his own actions.