Weatec Accountability on iPhones and iPads

You will need an account with Weatec. If you do not have one yet, Follow this link for the Weatec Registration Form. Once you have a Weatec account, you will need to get your Weatec User ID #. Contact your local Weatec person for your Weatec User ID # Or, if you received a username and password for your Weatec account, you can log and get your Weatec User ID #.

Compass Foundation is a separate company from Weatec. Compass Foundation provides filtering and accountability for all iOS devices on the Weatec system. Users will receive an invoice from Compass Foundation for the filtering and will receive an invoice from Weatec for the accountability monitoring. Compass will install a mobile device management (MDM) application on your device. Your device needs to be plugged into a setup technician's computer to complete the installation. Compass offers an Orbit Two plan, which is most common for phones and tablets. If you want to use an app store that is managed by Compass Foundation that only has approved apps available, choose Orbit Three plan. Compass Foundation will set your filtering to a default profile that matches Weatec's internet usage guidelines. Account owners can use a browser to log into an admin console to further customize these settings, or they may call Compass for assistance with profile settings and other optional device settings, like app store and hotspot management.

  1. Have your Weatec User ID # available.
  2. Have your Apple username and password available.
  3. For a phone that is already in use, sync your device to iCloud to backup pictures, contacts, etc.
  4. Use one of the following options to enroll the device:
    1. Fill out the Device Enrollment Form. Choose the Orbit TWO subscription and follow the instructions for signing the agreement. Call Compass with questions. (856) 974-5335
    2. Fill out this form: Compass Foundation Orbit Sign Up Sheet.
  5. Take your phone to someone on the list below. These technicians can do the install.

The technician will install the device controls, then Compass will complete the remaining setup remotely. When Compass is finished, you will have 3 new apps: Self Service (MDM App Store), Orbit Login and the Weatec Portal app. Within 24 hours, you should see your device listed on the My Accounts page of the Weatec app.

Weaverland Conference members that can do this are:

  • Jonathan Groff, Tech Support One, Ephrata, PA (800) 835-9502
  • Nelson Martin, Myerstown, PA (717) 679-3270
  • Leroy Rissler, Tech Support One, Selinsgrove, PA (800) 835-9502
  • Joseph O. Nolt, Alta Vista, IA (641) 330-5714
  • Kelvin Martin, Nora Springs, IA (641) 220-3862
  • Jay Paul Leinbach, Sunrise Service LLC, Unity, WI (715) 613-4879
  • Gilbert Sensenig, Cato, NY (315) 236-1844
  • Keith Martin, Waterloo, NY (315) 651-8156
  • Earl David Martin, Barnett, MO (573) 789-0373
  • Karlin High, Desktop Services, Memphis, MO (660) 465-2274
  • Owen Hoover, Versailles, MO (660) 287-2196
  • Anthony Martin, Versailles, MO (573) 789-0634

If none of the above technicians are convenient for you, contact Compass and they can direct you to other options. Phone: 856-974-5335 Website: http://www.compassfoundation.io/

Extra Tips and Information

Installing the device controls before using your device is the preferred method because your device will need to be reset. Any apps you had installed will need to be reinstalled. Any messages, contacts, or other data will be removed. If you have been keeping your devices synced with iCloud, most of your data can be copied back onto your device. It will be a similar process to setting up a new device. There are also other ways to backup your data. You may want to consider making a secondary backup in case the iCloud sync doesn't go well. See: https://www.syncios.com/. Talk with the technician about this before he installs the device controls.

Weatec users can have the personal hot spot function on their phones or tablets. Any device connected through your phone's hotspot needs its own accountability and filtering. Example: A laptop connected to the Internet through your personal hot spot is not filtered. The laptop itself needs a filter and accountability as well.

Weatec recommends that users block the app store when not in use. With the Compass solution you can also use the Self Service app store. Most of your common acceptable apps are available in the Self Service app store. If you need an app not in the Self Service store you can get in touch with Compass to have it installed. There are different guidelines for phones and tablets. See the Weatec Guidelines for details. Generally, web browsers and shopping/browsing type apps are unacceptable on phones. (Example: Safari, Chrome, Ebay, Amazon, etc) Some apps in the Self Service store are for tablet users only and will flag if used on a phone.

It is acceptable to use the Apple App Store on your device. Users can control access to the Apple App Store through a web browser (on iPads or PC) or the Orbit app (iPads or iPhones). See the Weatec Guidelines for more information on accessing the app store.