Weatec Accountability on Android

You will need an account with Weatec. If you do not have one yet, follow this link for the Weatec Registration Form.

Disable or uninstall all unacceptable apps and widgets where possible. Most devices come with a bunch of preinstalled apps which do not meet the Weatec guidelines. Also, some devices have news feeds or other widgets on the home screen. Disable these so they do not create unnecessary flags. See Detailed Phone Setup Guide and the Extra Tips below for more information

Ever Accountable is a third-party app that Weatec uses for accountability. If you currently have devices on the Weatec system, you should use your existing Ever Accountable account. If you do not have an Ever Accountable account, see the Ever Accountable Setup page. Use the special link provided. Your Ever Accountable account is paid for by Weatec. Once your Ever Accountable account is setup, install the Ever Accountable app and log in.

Choose either a filter, app blocker, or MDM from the list of Approved Device Controls.

Contact your local Weatec person and let them know you have added a phone. You can also install the Weatec app. This app will allow you to see your own accountability reports and enable you to comment on flagged incidents.

Extra Tips and Information

Here are some tips to help eliminate creating unnecessary incidents.

Safe Mode is a feature on the Android Operating System used to solve problems with configuration or app incompatibilities. Restarting the device in this mode will load only the System’s core applications. You can disable Safe Mode by encrypting your Android device.
Here is how to change you default keyboard. Some keyboards will flag became they have access to media content from the internet. Follow this video tutorial on how to change your keyboard.