Disable Samsung Free/Briefing App on Samsung
Samsung Free and Briefing are news apps that Samsung installs from factory. Samsung Free is a newer version of Briefing. Most Samsung phones have one or the other preinstalled. Here are step by step instructions showing how to disable the app. This will stop the app from sending you notifications and creating flags on the Weatec system.
Disable Briefing from the home screen
1. Hold down an empty space on the home screen.
2. Locate the Briefing panel on the left. (See screen clip 1.)
3. Turn it off by sliding the toggle at the top to OFF.
4. The panel should disappear.
Disable the Briefing app completely
1. Navigate to Settings> Applications> and Application Manager.
2. Select 'More' and 'Show System Apps'. (See screen clip 2.)
3. Select Briefing.
4. Select Disable from the Application info page.