Additional Ever Accountable Tools

Ever Accountable is a third-party app that Weatec uses to link devices to the accountability portal. For privacy reasons, the information reported to Weatec is kept to a minimum. If you are looking for more personalized and detailed accountability for your child or family member, you can access much more information on Ever Accountable than what is available on the Weatec accountability portal. To view these reports, you will need to set yourself as an accountability partner in Ever Accountable.

Some of the benefits of monitoring Ever Accountable reports are,

  • Monitoring usage within apps that Weatec considers private. One example of this would be Cloud veil Messenger usage. If monitoring for the Cloud veil app is enabled, you can review the type of groups and content that your teenager is being exposed to. No usage from this app will show on the Weatec Report server as it is a private app and Weatec discards this information.
  • Ever Accountable also has a screenshot option which allows you additional insight into your family’s usage. Weatec does not use this feature for the sake of privacy, but it can be a handy tool for a parent.

See the below PDF for exact steps on adding accountability partners, configuring screenshots, and viewing Ever Accountable reports.