Recommended Apps

Following is a list of apps that work well with the Weatec system. These are only suggestions. We do not endorse all content available in these apps and they may still make flags if misused.

Mapping and GPS Apps

HERE WeGo Maps

Very good map data. Functionality compares with Google Maps, but makes less false positive flags on the system. Ability to download maps on wifi and use them offline.


User submitted traffic and hazards warnings. Gives you alerts for cars stopped along the road and other road hazards.

CoPilot GPS

Simple GPS like interface. Powerful route planning features. Upgrade fee for some advanced features.


Simple GPS app. Shows speed and speed limit.

Weather Apps

Weather Underground

Has detailed information all on one scrolling page. Forecast data can be set to the National Weather service or the same score as Weather Channel. Ads can be removed with an annual subscription of $1.99

Weather Viewer (Unofficial)

Free and no ads. Forecasts and data from the National Weather Service (NWS) and NOAA. No alerts or widgets, just your basic weather information.

Hyperlocal Weather (Dark Sky Powered by) & Radar

Weather and widget app for android that provides current weather conditions and high accurate hourly hyperlocal weather forecast, with live rain radar map. Ads should  be removed with an annual subscription of $3.49

Today Weather - Widget, Forecast, Radar & Alert

Today Weather is a beautiful & simple-to-use weather app that provides the very accurate local weather forecasts. Ads should  be removed with an annual subscription of $1.99

Email Apps

Microsoft Outlook

Focused inbox that keeps the important messages on top. Easy to use. If you use Outlook on your desktop you will find this app familiar .

K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail is an open source ad-free mail client for Android. The GUI is quite simple and works well.

Pro Mail

Email app designed for Outlook and Microsoft Exchange and also supports any IMAP, SMTP, or POP3-enabeld account. Ads can be removed from the settings menu.

Bible Apps

King James Bible (KJV)

User friendly interface. Tracks your progress on reading through the Bible. Search for words or phrases. Pure Bible, no extra study guides, devotionals etc. In-app purchase to remove ads.


A great tool for comparing translations, many translations available. Text is not stored on your device, takes a few seconds to download the texts. Free and no ads!

Bible Concordance and Strongs

Interline any text with the clickable Strong's concordance numbers that are links to the Strong's definition of that word. Audio Bible (text-to-speech). Use Bookmarks, Notes, and Highlights. Pay for upgrade to ad-free version.

Offline Music Player Apps


Open source software. Free. Plays nearly all types of audio and video files. This is a private unless app. Weatec will flag if the app is misused for streaming music or video content from the internet.

Musicolet Music Player

Only plays audio files no videos. Developer clearly states no internet streaming and no ads. Free.

Rocket Music Player

Works with Android Auto, can also be used as standalone mp3 player app. Upgrade for $3.49 to remove ads.


Text Messaging apps


Our go-to replacement for stock text messaging app. This an opensource app.

mysms SMS Text Messaging

Want to access your text messages from all your devices including your Windows PC? Although you do not need to use this feature it is an available option with this app.

Messaging Classic

The interface looks a bit outdated, but the app works well for basic texting. We recommend that users pay the one time fee to avoid ads.

Simply Text

SimplyText is texting, done better. A great replacement app for the stock SMS messaging app for your phone.

Key Messages

Key Messages is the new age, feature-rich option for Android's default text messages app.


Chat Apps

CloudVeil Messenger

Cloud Veil Messenger users can communicate with Telegram users. Has international calling capabilities. iOS and Android versions available.


Easy to install. Free version allows up to 14 group chats. $4 /month for unlimited group chats.


Free cloud service (up to 5GB of file storage) or open source on-premise solutions. Conversations are organized into threads.


Self-hosted open source platform to truly own and control your chat data. Tech knowledge required to deploy and maintain chat server.


Extra secure chatting with end to end encryption on all communications. There is a small upfront cost for the app. Messages are not synchronized across devices due to the built-in security features. Offers regular messages, voice calls, and group chats.


International Calling Apps

CloudVeil Messenger

Cloud Veil Messenger has international calling capabilities. iOS and Android versions available.

Google Voice

Google Voice gives you a phone number for calling, text messaging, and voicemail. It works on smartphones and computers, and syncs across your devices so you can use the app in the office, at home, or on the go.


Extra secure chatting with end to end encryption on all communications. There is a small upfront cost for the app. Messages are not synchronized across devices due to the built-in security features. Offers regular messages, voice calls, and group chats.

Provider Specific Wifi Calling

Many mid to upper range devices support Wifi calling but for this to work your device and carrier must support Wifi calling. One benefit to this is you are using your same number, simply sign in to Wifi and make calls normally. 

Skype for Business

Skype for Business includes the following features: voice & video over wireless, rich presence, instant messaging, conferencing, and calling features from a single, easy-to-use interface. Please note this is referring to Skype for Business only - the other Skype is not approved.


Alternate Launchers

Microsoft Launcher

Make sure to disable search bar and feeds.
With a Microsoft account or work/school account, you can access your calendar, documents

Pixel Launcher

Just remember to turn off the swipe from the right news feed.
Personalized information from Google is just a swipe away.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is the top launcher for modern Android.


Re-Assign the home button long-press


For those who leave the Google Voice assistant unblocked on Android in order to use voice recognition for composing text messages, etc, I can highly recommend installing HomeBot ( which allows you to assign the long-press on your device home button to something else, such as starting an app or turning on the flashlight, instead of starting the Google Assistant.


Barcode Scanner Apps

Barcode to PC: Wi-Fi scanner

This one can transmit to PC via Wifi. While just a little slower on scanning Barcode to PC it turns your smartphone into a real barcode scanner.

Barcode Scanner by Zxing Team

Scan barcodes on products, or Data Matrix and QR Codes containing URLs, contact info, etc.




Good Keyboard option with word suggestion. Close to the standard keyboard on most devices.


Helps you write mistake-free in any app. It does well with spell check. Can sync online and will learn more words suggestions as you use it.

Simple Keyboard:

Is just a keyboard, No spell check, Emoji. or word suggestion options

BeHe Keyboard

Is just a Keyboard. No spell check or word suggestion options.

Hacker's Keyboard:

Open source. Has button to quickly switch to Google talk-to-type function. Very customizable. Follow in-app directions to setup dictionary for spell checking and word suggestions.  Called Hacker’s keyboard because it has some classic keys the other options omit.