Weatec Members Relation Privacy Policy

The WMRC members are committed to maintaining privacy for our Weatec users. We will review information about your internet usage and websites visited. WMRC members will not have access to information such as personal passwords and banking information. This activity will remain anonymous to the initial person reviewing the logs. WMRC members will review all suspected noncompliance to determine if it is true noncompliance or a false positive. Compliant activity (Acceptable use categories within the Weatec Guidelines) is not reviewed by committee members. It is the WMRC members’ responsibility to maintain confidentiality when reviewing all types of information logs. Additionally, all internal conversations, decisions, or documents are to remain confidential.

For questions and concerns regarding this privacy policy, contact the Weatec deacon from your district or contact Weatec by calling 717-690-0006 or using our contact form.