The Weatec committee was established by the Weaverland Conference to search out and provide a safe and acceptable way for church members to use the internet. Weatec is directed by The Weatec Board of Deacons who answer directly to the Weaverland Conference.

How We Can Help

We believe the internet can be used in a constructive and useful way. We realize that there is much evil content available on the internet and that this content can be a stumbling block in our Christian walk of life.

Weatec provides accountability and support to Weaverland Conference Church members who want safe internet access. Our goal is to provide an environment where users will be protected from evil content available on the internet. Weatec also wants users to feel responsible and accountable for what content they access on the internet.

More Information

This website is provided as a resource for up-to-date information on the Weatec program. Questions can be answered by your local Weatec Member Relations Committee person or by using the contact us link.

Links to additional resources: