Side Load Instructions For Ever Accountable

  1. Update your Weatec Portal app to v2023.06.16 or newer. Earlier versions aren't able to download files
  2. Follow this step if you previously installed Ever Accountable through the Google Play Store. Otherwise, proceed to step 3
    • Uninstall the currently installed Ever Accountable app
  3. Download Ever Accountable by tapping here (Ever Accountable Installer)
  4. Open your Downloads folder through your file manager app, often named Files or File Manager
    • Some devices have more than one file manager app
    • If step three doesn't work in the one file manager app, make sure to try the other one
  5. Tap on the "everaccountable-sideload-release.apk" file
    • You may need to allow installing apps that didn't come from the Google Play Store
    • It should give you a popup that will take you to the correct place in Settings to adjust this
  6. If you can install sideloaded apps, a popup should show asking if you want to install the app. Tap the "Install" option
  7. After the install has finished, continue from step "B.3" in our Ever Accountable Setup Guide