OS Type: Windows, Mac OS
Number of Users: 20+
Ease of Setup: Advanced
Usage Type: Business
Management Type: Central Management

Solar Winds Web Filter

Approved for Windows PCs

Download the installation instructions here.
Solar Winds is a cloud-based security administration platform offering services such as web filtering, antivirus, email protection, and more. As of June 2016, expect pricing for antivirus and web protection to be around $6 to $10 per month. If buying directly from the company, there is a 50 seat minimum; that minimum doesn't apply if buying through a reseller. Find more information at www.solarwindsmsp.com.


  • Free 30-day trial available
  • Manage multiple devices through your browser
  • Antivirus service
  • Web filtering service
  • Remote IT allows management of multiple devices


  • Not ideal for large businesses since each device needs to be licensed
  • 50-seat minimum unless buying through a reseller
  • Currently Windows only
Note: After testing, Solar Winds has been approved as an acceptable category-based internet filter if configured to meet the requirements set forth in the Weaverland Conference Electronic Technology Usage Guidelines. Please remember that no filter can be guaranteed to filter out all objectionable content; therefore, the Weatec Accountability Software must be installed on all devices in order to be in compliance with Weaverland Conference guidelines. The accountability software logs all web traffic, thus fostering brotherhood accountability. So even if objectionable content is missed by Solar Winds, the content will still trigger a flag on the accountability server. Use the following configuration as a minimum; there is nothing preventing you from choosing stricter settings.