OS Type: Windows
Number of Users: 1-5 , 5-20
Ease of Setup: Advanced
Usage Type: Home , Business
Management Type: Per Device

 ESET Internet Security

Approved For Windows

ESET Internet Security is an antivirus and parental control software package available by itself or as part of home and small business packages for Windows, Mac, and Android devices. It is installed and managed on the device, not through the cloud. The content filtering must be configured not only for each device, but also for each user account on the device. In order to eliminate a loophole that allows new user accounts to circumvent content filtering, users should be given standard (not administrator) user accounts on Windows machines. In spite of those limitations, ESET Internet Security exhibited outstanding filtering abilities in Weatec testing.


  • Free 30-day trial available
  • Approximately 140 configurable categories
  • Includes antivirus
  • Outstanding content filtering abilities
  • Can filter some https pages


  • Not ideal for large businesses since each device needs to be licensed.
  • Does not automatically filter new user accounts. Users should be given standard user accounts on Windows so that they cannot set up new accounts to bypass the filter.
  • Content filtering needs to be set up for each device and user account, although there is a handy button to copy category settings from another user account.

Note: After testing, ESET Internet Security has been approved as an acceptable category-based content filter if configured to meet the requirements set forth in the Weaverland Conference Electronic Technology Usage Guidelines. Please remember that no filter can be guaranteed to filter out all objectionable content; therefore the Weatec Accountability Software must be installed on all devices in order to be in compliance with Weaverland Conference guidelines. By logging all web traffic, the Weatec Accountability Software fosters brotherhood accountability. Keep in mind that, even if objectionable content is missed by ESET Internet Security, the content will still trigger a flag on the accountability server. Use the following configuration as a minimum; there is nothing preventing you from choosing stricter settings.